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(608) 231-3410
2 Science Court, Suite 101
Madison, Wisconsin 53711

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Scott, San Diego, CA

BHR patient Scott T. is a former professional triathlete and two-time winner of the Hawaii Ironman endurance race.
When it comes to choosing where to go to have his hip resurfaced, he performed extensive research to ultimately land in Madison, WI.

Surfing the waves in California
Scott in the HipHab pool post-op

“Committed to the procedure in early 2007, I began a long and tedious recon of docs that did the BHR hip resurfacing. Many of the surgeons seemed capable enough on paper but for one reason or another put me off. They wouldn’t connect me with former patients, their hospital relationship was dodgy or their egos were just too much to swallow. I wanted a surgeon that had done at least 500 of the BHR procedures, I wanted a surgeon who had highly skilled hands and an impeccable reputation, a surgeon who believed in the procedure long before it was the coolest cut in orthopedics. I was committing my race-ravaged body to a full recovery to Youth and expected the best. Over six years later, without a word from my BHR hip, not a tweak or twist or anything untoward, my choice of surgeons was correct. At some point it may wear out and I’ll need to have it replaced. But then again I may carry it all the way. And in the meantime I have no limits and have become a fan of the doc who placed it perfectly.”

– Scott, Ph.D.