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Rick S. is no stranger to rotator cuff pain.
He had his left shoulder scope by another surgeon in 2010 and his right shoulder scope by Dr. Rogerson in 2014.

“Last October, I had shoulder surgery done on my right shoulder by Dr. Rogerson.

My rotator cuff tear was pronounced “massive” by Dr. Rogerson. He had to utilize specialized techniques to rectify my problems. It has been six months now and I saw Dr. Rogerson last week. I’m healing well and as expected. Although I will have to be more careful with the use of my shoulder in the future, I do have most of my function back already. I don’t have but a little pain once in a while.

I want to say that the staff at the clinic is just great! Every aspect of my care was carefully orchestrated. There weren’t any surprises and I always knew what to expect. Super friendly staff! Very competent. And the ladies up front serve hot, fresh chocolate chip cookies, all day.

I also have to do a shout-out to Stoughton Hospital, as it is where the surgery was performed. I want to thank all of the staff there for helping me feel comfortable, before and after surgery. Good experience.  Thanks Dr. Rogerson.

– Rick