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HipHab Physical and Occupational Therapists

HipHab Physical and Occupational Therapists

Left to right: Amy Carlson, Gabriel Cranley, Desiree Robinson, Rhonda Madigan.
Not pictured: Paul Dietrich and Brian Ethridge


HipHab and How It Will Change Your Recovery

Dr. Rogerson’s Birmingham hip resurfacing patients will participate in a comprehensive rehabilitation program.  During your 2 day inpatient surgical stay, Stoughton Hospital will provide land based physical and occupational therapy.  Following hospital discharge, you will receive several days of water and land therapy while staying in a private rehab apartment in a program called HipHab.  Dr. Rogerson offers an innovative approach to rehabilitation with this 6-day program that seamlessly moves you from hip resurfacing surgery to a rehabilitation stay to home. This program is modeled after proven programs in Europe to ensure the best-possible outcomes.  Physical therapists and occupational therapists will be instrumental in your rehabilitation. In addition, hospitality staff will be available for questions related to accommodations and amenities.




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Barbara Pelton

No one wants to have surgery or be in the hospital. Because I needed to do both, I was…

With NO CHARGE to you, Dr. Rogerson will perform a BHR analysis of your medical condition and outside x-rays, to see if BHR is right for you.

Take the next step to returning to your active lifestyle!